Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking

Every year we like to go apple picking. Yesterday seem like a perfect day for it. The weather was on the chilly side, but not so much that we would freeze. It was cold enough that the bugs weren't out, which I think is always a plus. We took a hayride out to the apple orchard and pick all kinds of different types of apples. The gala apples are my favorite and my daughter can't get enough of the golden delicious ones.

I can't wait to make some of our apples into apple sauce. There is nothing better then warm homemade applesauce and it makes the house smell soooo good. Homemade apple sauce is really easy to make. All you need is a crock pot, water, cinnamon, and peeled diced apples.

Directions to make Apple Sauce

 1) Peel and dice apples. (We like to peel many different types of apples for the sauce. I think peeling is the worst part of making the sauce.

 2) Fill up the crock pot with the diced apples and add water. Put enough water in to fill up about an inch of the crock pot's bottom. If it seems to be drying out while it is cooking, then you will need more water.

 3) Turn your crock pot on low and let it cook about 5 to 7 hours. (Sometimes I have even set it up to cook over night and have waken up to a wonderful smell.)

 4) Stir and add cinnamon. The amount of cinnamon depends on the taste you like. You can also add sugar if you would like, but we never do because we find it sweet enough already.

 5) Serve and enjoy. Leftovers should be kept in the fridge.

Now it is time for pictures :)

The beautiful apple I ate right off the tree. Yum yum.

Giant pumpkins! I see these every year and I always want to get one, but I never know what I would do with it. I just have a feeling would have lots of yummy pumpkin seeds in them. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Homemade Birthday

This last Friday my daughter was invited to a slumber party. We found out that the Birthday girl really wanted a purse and that her favorite color was pink. Since we have been on a tight income and have been very into making crafts, we decided we would make a present that was completely handmade.

I decided that I was going to use the purse pattern, I had made and then make her some fingerless gloves with little bows on them. My daughter decided that she wanted to make the birthday girl a bracelet. The Birthday girl loved her presents and was very excited about the purse.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ATCs and more

In the last few days, I received some awesome ATCs in the mail. ATCs stands for Art Trading Cards. ATCs are mini works of art that are the size of trading cards or playing cards. I think they are a great way to express and share your art with others. This has been my 5th trade with ATCs and I'm addicted! I love getting items from all over the world. I love the special touches that people put into to them just for me. 

These came all the way from Canada. Unfortunately, the one with the heart mirror didn't make it through customs. That's okay I glued it back together and it is still cool looking. I love the stars and the monkey one.

These came from the East Coast. I love the monster ones on the top.

Here is my collection of ATCs so far in their sleeves. I finally got a binder to keep them in. 

Here are some ATCs that I have made and have sent to others.

More great news to share!
Before I went to bed last night, I got an e-mail that my zombie pendant, I listed on Etsy, was being feature in an article on I couldn't believe it. I'm so happy about it. Here is a picture they used in their feature about the item. If you would like to see the full article you can go here.
If you would like to check out this guy in my Etsy shop click here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Painted Pot

Tonight, I went to the Painted Pot with some friends and their daughters. The Painted Pot is a place where you can paint pottery and they will cook and glaze it for you. It was a lot of fun and we spent more time there then we plan to. I can't wait to go again.
Sugar skull I painted. I can't wait to see what its true colors look like once its cooked.

Looking down at the sugar skull

Girls with finish projects

Cool pumpkins that I wanted to paint, maybe next time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Renaissance Festival

Yesterday, we went to an awesome Renaissance Festival they have here in Michigan.  I always love going. Since my friend had not gone since she was little, we tried to pack in as much as we could in one day. We visited almost all the shops and got to watch some of the shows. I love seeing the parade that walks through there. They try to send someone from every shop and some of the acts to be in it.

My friend and I both got our palm read while we were there. My palm reader told me I have a strong travel line and that I will find a way to make traveling work for me when I get older. I really do want to travel all over the world. I just want to experience everything I possibly can in this life.

This guy stop for me just to take his picture during the parade. He was so funny. Later we ran into him again and he kept trying to make my daughter's hat stand up straight.

Hob the Troll is a newer act the festival, but he is one of my favorites. He likes to sing songs and tell jokes as only a troll would. In between his acts he sits on a bridge where he has two baskets. One is labeled sing louder, the other is labeled hush money. When people put money into the basket he will do whatever the basket says to do.

I love this mask that we got my daughter. It is made out of the material used for quilting and is embroidered all over it. I been drooling over embroidering machine lately and this really makes me want one.
Beautiful head wreaths.

Lots of little bottles filled with all kinds a smelly good stuff. I just wanted to take them all. I love the look of all these bottles.

Glass blowing and fairy dust bottles, how cool.
My new ear cuff.  I love these and I'm going to try to make some of these on my own.
As we were leaving we ran into these fun characters. They were saying it was decorate Ann day. I love how they were doing it with yarn. Yarn bombing at its best!