Friday, November 4, 2011

A Very Nyan Cat Halloween

It seems as if Halloween was here and gone too fast. I had so many ideas and plans for Halloween that I just didn't get to this year, maybe next year. Regardless of time we had a great Halloween.

This year my daughter wanted to be the Nyan cat also known as the Pop-Tart Kitty. This took some thinking on my part to come up with a costume she could wear. There aren't that many out there, but I was able to come up with a costume that turned out pretty good and that she loved.

If you are not familiar with the Nyan cat you can watch a short video of it below. He doesn't do to much other then flies through the sky with a rainbow trailing him. My daughter saw him once and was hooked, so now everything is about the Nyan cat for her. There is even an app to play a Nyan cat game.

I wish I would of taken pictures of the process of me making the costume, but it wasn't too hard to make. It just took time. The materials I used were gray fleece, tan felt, pink felt, dark pink felt, ribbon in the color of the rainbow, and foam. The foam was one of those cheap foam pieces you put onto a bed. I found it was cheaper to buy that, then buying the foam from a craft store.

The pants, shirt, arm warmers, and hat I made from simple patterns, I already had. With the hat, I just added the ears to it. The Pop-Tart is just a basic rectangle shape, that consists of 6 pieces for each of the two Pop-Tart shapes. There is a front, a back, 2 sides, a top, and bottom pieces. There is one pink piece for the frosting and the sprinkles were just randomly cut and placed onto the frosting. The tail was made out of the gray fleece was attached to the back Pop-Tart along with the rainbow ribbons. To keep the Pop-Tart in place I put two gray strips near the inside top of the Pop-Tart so it could rest on the shoulders. Further down, inside the Pop-Tart, I added more gray fleece so it could be tied into place.

Here are some pictures of my little Nyan cat in action on Halloween night

The candy and spider rings that got given to the trick and treaters

We had our yearly spaghetti pumpkin
What is a spaghetti pumpkin you may be asking. Basically it is regular spaghetti cooked, and seasoned however you would normally cook it placed into a cleaned out pumpkin. It is then baked for about an hour at 350 degrees. I mix the different noodles we use to make it look even more interesting. Baking spaghetti in a pumpkin just adds to taste of the pasta and it is sooo good. My grandmother use to make a spaghetti pumpkin every year for Halloween and now I do.

This year our little dog even dressed up for the night. Too bad I can't get my cats to take part.

My daughter's score at the end of the night

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