Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monster Horns

Today, I would like to share how to make some awesome monster horns to wear.
I got the idea from the Renaissance Festival, I like to attend every year. At the festival, a few years ago, I had bought some horns for my daughter to wear. Unfortunately, she had lost them. Instead of going back out and buying another expensive pair, I thought I could make some myself.

To make some, you need to first pick out the color of polymer clay (I used sculpey) you would like to use. You will need at least a half a package of the polymer clay. You will need more if you want to make bigger horns. The sculpey pictured here are the 1/2 size packs.

 Divide the sculpey in half and work it into cylinder-like shapes.

 Pinch the tops and mold it to a cone shape.

Take a wooden dowel (a pencil could work) and punch holes through them all the way as shown in the picture. Bake the polymer clay according to package directions.


Cut a piece of ribbon that could be tied around your head and then some.
Thread the ribbon through the holes and make knots on both sides of the horn.

Make sure when you are placing your horns on the ribbon, that you place them apart enough, so that they will sit nicely on your head. Tie the horns onto your head with the tie part going behind the head and enjoy.


  1. Cuuuute. I thought about trying to make some. I too always go to the renassaince fairs and think "I wonder if I can do this?"