Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wish You Were Here, Postcard Contest

At the start of this quarter, in school, my teacher, for my advance photoshop class, wanted us to enter the Detroit AIGA's Wish You Were Here Postcard Contest. We were to either go out and take a picture or use a picture that we have taken in the past, that could represent Michigan. I decided to use a picture that I took of the Ann Scipps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle just east of downtown Detroit. This is the nation's oldest conservatory. I ended doing some color corrects, and had to boost up the blue in the sky. Living in Michigan it seems like we have a lot more gray skies then we do blue. I submitted my entry weeks ago and almost forgot about it till I received an e-mail about it. I was soo excited when I received that e-mail with my name being on the list of finalists.

Turns out they had over 150 entries and mine made it to the finial round of just 48 submissions. I was the only one in my class to make it in. At this point it is open voting to the public. The 25 entries that have the most votes will be turned into postcards and mailed to AIGA chapters throughout the country. Each person that would like to vote is allowed one vote per day up till March 9th. Please take a moment out of your time and click here to vote for me. Thank you.
Here is the picture I submitted to be used as a postcard

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