Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Mustache Cup

Have you checked out Pinterest? If you haven't you should. I'm so addicted to that site. I spend a lot of time just pinning creative ideas that I want to do. I finally took one of the ideas I have been gathering and made it a reality.

Right now my daughter loves mustaches. She likes to draw a mustache on her finger and pretends to have one by putting her finger under her nose. She does this all just to make her friends laugh. Whenever she sees something with a mustache on it she thinks it is great and wants it. So when I saw this painted mustache mug on Pinterest I knew it would be prefect for her.

 Mug from Pinterest. You can find it Here.

I used Pebeo porcelaine paint, which I found at Michael's craft store. I just painted the mustache right on. The way that this paint works is that you let it dry/set for 24 hours. After that you bake it in your oven to make it permanent. Once it is permanent the cup is dishwasher safe and you are able to use it as you normally would. When looking for a cup to paint on you want to make sure you find a heavy duty cup that is dishwasher safe, microwave save, and one that you can put into the oven. I found that porcelain is the way to go. 
Looking back on this project the one thing I would do different is to get a porcelain paint pen so that I could make my edges nice and smooth, since it is hard to get them just right with a paint brush. I know regardless if it is perfect or not my daughter will love it.

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  1. hahaha! Love it! This was actually on my list of things to make for a friend for Christmas, but never got around to it. Maybe Birthday this year :)

    And thanks for linking up to the!


  2. It would make a great birthday gift. Thank you.

  3. Haha I Love this!! So simple and so cute and funny!!