Saturday, December 10, 2011

Painting with Hair

One of the classes I took, this last term, was a drawing class. In this class my teacher wanted us to create art using an atypical media and tool. The first time I did it for the class I used blue Kool-aid and a toothpick. My teacher told me I wasn't being creative enough, so when she assigned doing an atypical media and tool art project again as part of my final I put my thinking cap on. As hard as I could I just couldn't think of anything that would be creative enough for my teacher, then thought was "Why don't you paint with your sister's hair?" I thought well that would be creative, but I didn't think my sister would go for it. My sister has very long hair that reaches her hips that she likes to dye black. I sent her a text to see what she would say and she said okay. I couldn't believe it! She went to the store and bought some red hair dye I could use to paint with. As payment for painting with her hair I have to help her bleach sections of it and put red stripes in it. To paint with my sister's hair she took a piece and braided it. I then would bend the braid in half or use the end of the hair paint with. All my sister had to do was sit close to me, she didn't even need to bend her head down because of how long her hair was. Now on with the pictures of me painting with my sister's hair below.

This is my sister with her really long hair. 

Once again the final project

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