Sunday, January 8, 2012

DIY A-frame Play Tent

Here is another example of a DIY project idea, I got from Pinterest. If you haven't checked out Pinterest you really need to. There are so many wonderful and creative ideas on there. I could never get enough. When I saw the below picture of a DIY A-frame tent, I knew it was something I had to make for my daughter.
It was pretty simple to make. I just followed the directions from the original tent. For the materials we got the wood from Home Depot and the sheet I found at a thrift store. This tent ended up being a gift to my daughter for Christmas. She just loves it! This tent has been great. When my daughter used to try to build blanket forts, my big Maine Coon cat thought it was great fun to jump in the middle of them to see if he could use it as a bed. Needless to say, her blanket forts would never stay up. Now with this tent that cat lays inside it with her.

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